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Subcommittee Chair: Ian G. Harris, University of California Irvine

The purpose of this subcommittee is to promote the study of Embedded Systems. Our focus is on the exploration of design, validation, and testing techniques which address the unique challenges related to embedded systems.

The importance of research in this area stems from the increasing ubiquity of computing systems in our environment. The tremendous functionality benfits gained through the use of embedded systems have led to the integration of embedded systems into a multitude of devices which are common in our everyday lives. The proliferation of embedded systems brings with it a set of new challenges including low cost design, low power consumption, and high reliability requirements. It is research addressing these challenges which this group supports.

We support research through a variety of means which include the following mechanisms:

  • Sponsoring events at conferences and workshops
  • Sponsoring activities published in related journals
  • Maintaining relevent background information at this web site
  • Developing an annotated bibliography which provides pointers to detailed information on the topic
If you wish to be involved in these activities, please send email to the chair Ian G. Harris for more information.