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TAC Chair: Ian G. Harris, University of California Irvine

The purpose of this Technical Activity Committee is to provide a focal point for ongoing research in the area of System Test. To this end, we perform the following tasks:
  1. Encourage research in System Test by sponsoring activities at conferences and workshops.
  2. Provide an archive of information on System Test research.
The term "System Test" is used to describe the process of testing and validating the composition of heterogeneous components. In spite of the wide variety of system design and test styles, a number of research themes have been identified which are central to the field of system test. Please see the System Test Tutorial for an overview of the field of System Test.

Upcoming System Test Events:

  • Special Issue on
    Covalidation of Embedded Hardware/Software Systems
    Design Automation for Embedded Systems, A Kluwer International Journal
    Guest Editor: Ian G. Harris, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    The widespread use of embedded systems in cost-critical and life-critical applications has motivated the need for systematic approaches to verifying functionality. The investigation for solutions to verification has led to the increased importance of the hardware/software covalidation problem because the vast majority of embedded systems are built from both hardware and software components. Covalidation employs simulation techniques to verify system design correctness early in the design cycle. Simulation-based approaches in general are far more popular than formal techniques in practice because simulation is tractable for large designs, and specification of formal properties is difficult for most designers. A significant difficulty in the covalidation of hardware/software systems has been the wide gap between the hardware and the software research communities. This special issue will serve to bring these two communities closer together to examine a common problem.

    Important Dates:
    Submission of abstracts 1/31/03
    Submission of manuscripts 2/14/03
    Notification of paper acceptance 4/14/03
    Submission of final manuscripts 6/6/03

  • International Test Conference
    Special Call for Papers: Board and System Test

    In 2003, International Test Conference-the world's premier conference dedicated to the electronic test of devices, boards and systems- will feature an expanded focus on board and system test, and therefore issues this special call-for-papers for a board and system test practitioner track. Papers on mainstream board and system test topics are being solicited for presentation. In order to allow this track time to develop, these papers, though subject to the usual ITC standards and guidelines, will have an extended submission deadline of June 6, 2003.